An Afternoon at Primrose Bakery, Covent Garden

Lucy goes to central London to try another fancy sweet treat. 

A short walk from Covent Garden market, tucked away on Tavistock Street, is the charming Primrose Bakery. This high-end cafe is fit for a queen: so i just had to go in!

After a morning of shopping, there is nothing like sitting down and relaxing in a coffee shop. But if you want something a bit more “Chanel”, I’d definitely recommend this beautifully chic little cake shop.


Primrose Bakery started as a single store in the glamorous Primrose Hill. Now, there are two other cafes, and my favourite is the one in Covent Garden.

The interior is bright and modern, and the display is to die for. They have a vast range of cupcakes is all the classic flavours, from vanilla to peanut butter, as well as crumbly cookies and indulgent brownies. The staff are super friendly, and the atmosphere is stylish yet welcoming.

Primrose is definitely the one to go for if, like me, you like to treat yourself. I went for a decadent chocolate cupcake. It was even better than your typical American-style cupcake because the sponge was as light as air. The frosting is really special as well – it’s rich but not sickly. Just perfect!

A single cupcake will cost you £3.25. Although the cafe seems very small when you first walk in, there is plenty of seating downstairs to go and and hang out with friends.

Lucy x


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