Gail’s, perfection on Portobello

In between the colourful houses and little vintage shops of Portobello Road, there is a little food paradise: Gail’s Artisan Bakery. After a morning of walk through West London, my taste buds were on alert and the delicious smell coming out of that red bakery attracts me.


I have seen that name, Gail’s Bakery, in a couple of websites and reviews dedicated to tourists in London therefore, I could not avoid a tasty break here. I know what you are thinking “this is a tourist trap and the bakeries are probably not as good as they are said to be” but don’t be so pessimistic, it was a perfect delight!

My journey started in the best way as I was welcomed by a desk full of every kind of bread. Cereals, gluten-free, fruits one or normal one… for a French tourist it is paradise and it made me feel confortable.


The atmosphere reigning in this bakery leads you to take a sit and enjoy this parenthesis in the middle of a busy trip across the capital. Huge wooden tables, nice display of really good looking bakeries, smiling waiters and fresh products coming out of the kitchen: how am I going to make a choice?

I have that little evil voice in my head saying “You Only Live Once” and you should try whatever you want. Well, I decided to go for a cookie, chocolate chunks as it is my favorite and a blueberry muffin with a skinny flat white.

What a good choice I have made… The cookie is outstanding, warm the chocolate chunks are melting in my mouth while the crispy pastry brings a perfect balance. For £2.20 in and £1.80 out, it is worth it!


And now, the Blueberry muffin! There is no other word apart from “DÉ-LI-CIEUX”! I can feel the fruits’ softness, its freshness and its lovely taste. Perfectly cooked, the exterior is slightly crispy whereas the inside is spongy. J’adore!

To my dismay I was not hungry anymore to taste something else but for every tourists walking around London, if you see one of the thirty-five Gail’s bakeries in the capital, go for it, without any hesitation even more if it the 138 Portobello Road!



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