Screams of praise for Cookies and Scream

Healthy Holly proves that healthy can still be yummy. 

Today I may have stumbled across my favourite new place to get ‘baked’ in London! Im all about natural ingredients and Cookies and Scream offer as they say the ‘finest ingredients’ to make all of their baked goods gluten and dairy free.

I stumbled across this fine establishment whilst perusing for southeast Asian-inspired wall drapes in Camden Market. This ‘Cookie bar’ branch is located just next to Camden Lock. I am told there is another branch; the ‘bake shop’ in Holloway Road, so all you Islington-ites have an accessible location to try their delicious vegan and celiac-friendly cakes and cookies.

I started my feast off with a tasty slice of Pecan Pie (shown above), never has the pecan been so delightfully manipulated to please each and every one of my taste buds. After I was finished munching down slice number one I slowly took a sip of my Soya Macchiato and thought to myself ‘I could die here a happy holly’.

For the second movement of this culinary symphony I had a tantalising tipple that cane by the name of a ‘mad ball’ (pictured below). The only way to describe this dessert is a mouthful of chocolatey heaven. Followed by a palate cleansing gulp of my hot beverage I moved onto the finale of this life-changing sugar overdose.

Madballs served in Camden today ☕️💀

A post shared by Cookies And Scream Vegan/GF (@cookiesandscreambakery) on Jan 15, 2017 at 2:28am PST


Beelzebub is served! We await your descent 🌹💀🌹#loho

A post shared by Cookies And Scream Vegan/GF (@cookiesandscreambakery) on Feb 4, 2017 at 2:52am PST

Enough said… If you want a guilt-free trip to enjoy some sweet treats, then Cookies and Scream is your answer. Some say you can’t eat cake, be healthy and look good – I beg to differ. Have your cake and eat it!


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