The New Donut: Cronut craze comes to London

Luxury Lucy checks out the newest craze in confectionery. 

The “Cronut” broke the internet when New Yorkers started queuing for hours outside the Dominque Ansel Bakery in the Big Apple. The Cronut has finally arrived in London and as they are Kim Kardashian’s favourite sweet treat I have to try them…

A Cronut is the beautiful love child of a croissant and donut, invented and trademarked by Dominique Ansel. So, the only places to get the real deal are her bakeries in London, New York and Tokyo. Exclusive. The London bakery is nestled between Belgravia and Victoria and is the location for my newest review!

Raspberry Cronuts at the Dominique Ansel Bakery, London.

I was so excited to try these decadent treats that I pre-orded the pastries. The cakes are soooo popular that you can’t walk into Dominique Ansel Bakery without a reservation. You have to book your space in the café weeks in advance! … At first I was sceptical about all this drama for just a donut… But the planning and organising is worth it! (And I promise I will never call it “just a donut” ever again.)

Each month the bakery makes Cronuts in one particular flavour. For February the flavour is Raspberry Jam with Orange Blossom Ganache. They announce the next flavour in the final week of each month, so maybe I’ll have to go back in March… I probably need to sign up to a gym at this rate.

The raspberry flavour was delicious. It looked elegant and rather simple. The dough was flaky and sugary with each layer filled with rich cream. Mmmmmmmmm.


Although the Cronut is Dominique Ansel’s crown jewel, the bakery offers plenty of other options too. The cheesecakes and macarons looked delicious. They do lots of hot drinks and some savoury snacks!

I would really recommend booking a Cronut slot at Dominique Ansel’s if you fancy a legendary treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. At £4 per pastry it is quite pricey and you may have to be patient as the cosy café only hosts 25 people per serving. You can book your table on the website.

If its good enough for Kim K, then it’s good enough for Luxury Lucy!

Lucy x


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