Bananas for Gail’s Bakery


Luxury Lucy is at it again! 

We have officially hit the half-way point in the week! And to celebrate hump day, I took a trip to Exmouth market for a spot of lunch with a friend.

I live for Exmouth market. It’s food porn at its best, no exaggeration.

My friend went for a burger; I hit the French food stall. That pot of tartiflette had my name written all over it. Melted cheese, potatoes and lardons – yes please! It was devine. But no good meal is complete without something sweet, at least not in my world, so it was off to Gail’s Bakery for dessert.

I love Gail’s Bakery. The choice of cakes, breads and pastries is amazing. I often pop in there after work and buy one of their exotic loaves or a little dessert; confessions of a glutton.

After the salty tartiflette, I was craving something super sweet and one cake caught my eye: banana cake with a salted caramel and pecan topping. I didn’t have to think twice.

It was the perfect end to a perfect lunch. The cake was wonderfully moist, with a subtle banana flavour. Combined with the sweet caramel sauce and crunchy pecans, it was a truly foodgasmic combination.

Heading back to the office was painful. I just wanted to eat banana cake all day!

Lucy 9.jpg

Lucy x

Address: 33-35 Exmouth Market, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 4QL





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