Brownies at Briki

Luxury Lucy and Healthy Holly met at Briki London in Exmouth Market to see if the cafe would meet both of their standards.

summerset                    berlin

It can be very hard to find a café that satisfies both someone seeking luxuriously rich cakes, and someone who wants a diet-friendly treat.

But Briki in Exmouth Market seems to have hit the spot. The shabby chic café has a extremely charming old school feel with chalk boards and desks. Right on the edge of Exmouth Market it is a popular spot for students.



Lucy chose to have a naughty chocolate brownie and a latte to wash it down. While Healthy Holly opted for a raw almond energy ball.

Lucy’s brownie was full of chocolately flavour and incredibly moist with a crispy top – just how a brownie should be!

While the energy ball was rich, the soft middle contrasted with the hard shell of the almonds. It was the perfect healthy treat and made me feel energised for the rest of the afternoon! However, at £2.50 the tiny ball of good seems a little expensive.

The café offers a range of cakes and sweet treats, all ranging for £2-£5.




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