Le Pain Quotidien: a taste of Paris in London

Another day, another French bakery! After visiting ‘The French House’ several weeks ago, my taste buds were tingling for some more French pastry – I know I am such a bad tourist!


I came across ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ one afternoon in Camden, and I nearly jumped for joy! Next to my apartment in Paris, there is a ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ . It is my go-to for Sunday brunch, so I was very excited to discover a store in London!

Inside, the décor is exactly the same- large oak tables, suspended lighting, brick walls.  I felt like I had walked through a time machine; I was sipping coffee on a Sunday morning in Montmartre. Ok so, it wasn’t quite the same as Montmartre, but the selection of cake was certainly up to scratch; everything from croissants and pain au chocolats, to scones and cheesecake.  I was tempted by the sweet brioche (few things rival brioche dipped in warm milk!), but settled on something far less French – a banana and chocolate muffin! So much for eating French pastry! But I did take a croissant to go. Quel gourmand!

The muffin was delicious – moist and sticky in the centre, with a rich chocolatey flavour and a sweet banana note.

‘Le Pain Quotidien’ is the ideal spot for a bite of lunch with friends or a slice of cake for one. And if you are looking to buy a little present for a friend (or just yourself), I would highly recommend one of their jams or spreads – my personal favourite is the white chocolate spread! It makes Nutella taste bland.

Bon appétit!



Bakery: Le Pain Quotidien

Address:1 S End Rd, Hampstead, London NW3 2PT

Website: http://www.lepainquotidien.co.uk/store/hampstead/#.WNA9nzvyjIU


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