Happy Mothers’ Day and good travel with Millie’s cookies

You can travel alone, as soon as you have a treat from Millie’s cookies with you.

As a perfect tourist in the United Kingdom I decided to discover the English countryside as, according to the many reviews that I have seen, it is an INCROYABLE place.


Here I am, at Victoria Station starting my journey to Epsom but, as a sweet lover I can’t begin the day without a delicious thing to bring along with me in the train. In the crowded Victoria Station, a shop front rings a bell: MILLIE’S COOKIES. Suddenly my taste buds are on duty, my eyes are sparkling and my stomach is rumbling. I need one of these delicious cookies, I need one right now!

But how can I choose between the dark chocolate chunk one, the milk chocolate chunk one or the triple chocolate one? Oh mon dieu there are also some made of salted caramel and pecan nuts! As a cookie fan I am leaving a waking dream!



But Millie’s cookies does not own the title of one of the best cookie maker in the United Kingdom randomly. Everything has been cleverly thought and Mini Bites can be purchased. Therefore, big gourmands like me can taste all of the realisations. A-MA-ZING!


Not only I will buy some for my travel but, as the Mothers’ Day is this week-end, I must have a little thought for my wonderful mother who has not had the chance to follow me in my British adventure. And here is the perfect treat! Even more because I can order it in advance and pick it up on the day of my departure to France so that the cookie will be fresh and tasty. Celebrating Mothers’ Day with a personalize giant heart cookie from London is GÉNIAL!


Moreover, I will be able to continue my English food journey eating this cookie in Paris but do not say it to anybody as the cookie is supposed to be for my mother! OUPS!




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