Cakes on a Train: Thierry tries cupcakes at Lola’s

I seem to be forever on trains. Running from one station to another in London is exhausting, especially after a long day of sight seeing.

I finally arrived at marylebone station, throwing down my bags full of gifts for the family at home. And that’s when I realised: I needed a sugar fix!

Parked inside the station was the eye-catching cake stand called “Lola’s”. I could see the colourful icing and I knew that these cupcakes would satisfy my cravings instantly.


Lola’s cupcakes is a chain you can find in many London train stations. They sell a whole range of classic cupcake flavours. What makes them special? Their frosting.

The inch-deep American cream cheese frosting that tops each cupcake is unbelievably indulgent. I love it!

After much deliberation about which flavour to choose, I went for the banana cupcake. Believe me, it did not disappoint.

So next time you’re travelling, go on, treat yourself!


Lola’s Cupcakes, Marylebone Station





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