Baking Great British Bake Off’s Ruby Tandoh’s salted chocolate brownies

It was recently my Mum’s birthday, so as part of my gift to her I decided to make a birthday cream tea; and if I’m baking, something has to include chocolate. I decided to make a batch of brownies to go alongside the scones and sandwiches, so set about scouring the web for the perfect recipe.


The one I settled with was a recipe by Bake Off favourite Ruby Tandoh. I bypassed her bittersweet black treacle brownies, as although I’m sure they’re delicious, I like my brownies sweet and laden with chocolate. Instead I stumbled across her salted chocolate brownies, and with milk chocolate and sea salt being the most perfect combination I knew I had to attempt them.

I adapted the recipe very slightly, swapping the suggested white caster sugar for brown, and adding a ½ tsp of vanilla essence (I stirred this into the melted chocolate and butter combination). I also skipped over sprinkling extra sea salt onto the top of the brownies before cooking, as I knew the extra salt wouldn’t have been to my guest’s tastes.


This recipe is phenomenal, creating dense brownies with a molten core and sugary top. However, I would say be wary of two things:

1) Be careful not to over whisking the sugar and eggs – I just about got away with over-whisking but 30 seconds more and I would have been on my way to making some brownie-meringue hybrid, and;

2) Keep an eye on the brownies whilst they’re in the oven. I cooked them for 25 minutes (it’s suggested to bake them for 25-35 minutes) and the corners were looking a bit charred (I just covered them in icing sugar to hide the evidence).

I would totally recommend this recipe to anybody who needs a simple and delicious brownie recipe. You can find this recipe, as well as the rest of Ruby’s tasty articles, on The Guardian website.


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