Cakes in the Suburbs: Ealing


Cakes in the Capital is taking on a new adventure and exploring those nooks and crannies of London previously unexplored in the cake reviewing world.

London is a big place and for many of us, living in Zone 1 is an unaffordable concept. We are therefore destined to visit most of the sprinkling of suburbs that surround the center. And what better for a picnic in of these suburban parks than a bespoke cake to share?

Here, we make the trip west to the depths of Zone 3 to what once named ‘the leafy green suburb’ of Ealing. Just a stone’s throw from the famous Ealing studios The Bakers of Ealing are located in the heart of the Broadway.

The Bakers dominating W5 are led by head baker, Emin, who came to London from Cyprus 40 years ago. He was taught traditional Cypriot baking methods has been using them ever since. With daughter Hana and son Adam now also members of the team, the bakers are continuing to provide the people of West London with delicious treats from safely guarded recipes.

This is not only great as you get a more authentic cake-based experience but rather than spending your yearly salary on a small slice of Red Velvet from the Hummingbird bakery you can get three, yes 3, cupcakes for only £4.50


Not only are there usual selection of baked goods delicious but you can custom order cakes for any occasion, from birthday parties, to weddings, and divorce parties (a new concept perhaps?)


You can also hire the Cypriot family to cater your event and create your own bespoke novelty cake! Check out there website for more details on the bakers and how they can keep your life full of sweet treats






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